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Last updated: 12-12-2018 


Next event will be down near Eaton, KS. Gothic Line II, January 11 - 13th 2019. More event details are here

After a long period of rear action we finally had some trigger time. WWII PTO Airsoft Michigan hosted a Okinawa event. We joined the ranks of the USMC for this one! Pictures are here and the video is here
Michigan has a ETO group and we will be attending more events in the future.

Upcoming events:
Day of Days June 2017

The Neillsville, WI event was a success! Pictures are here.
There is a D-Day event in July on the 25th-27th, details here.
The 5th annual Ft McCoy event has been announced, details here.


This year marks our 10th anniversary of being a unit! Lot of big things are happening within the squad to make our 10th anniversary a bang! We have a couple of prospective members that will be field tested this year and we have heard back from a long lost friend in the WWII reenacting scene. We've added a support weapon and a sniper weapon to our inventory. Also once the repairs are finished the Rangers will ride in style in a 1943 GPW Jeep!

The next WWII airsoft event has been announced! It is in Neillsville WI, June 14-15, 2014

Marching orders are out, we move out December 7th. Details here

Pictures from The Soviet Advance 26 October 2013 here

It has been some time since the site has been updated, Pictures from the Pickerel Event are up here.
As well as the pictures from the High Grounds public display event. The High Grounds in Neillsville, WI is a memorial site for all Wisconsin veterans. They had a Memorial event for the Ghost battalion of WWII. Pictures are here.
The last event the Squad attended was over at Fort McCoy, WI. Pics are up here

Also we have some more videos up on YouTube, the Ranger Training Event and Rzhev 1942 - The Meat Grinder . We've also made a different version of Day of Days video taking out he cameraman's voice, here. Video footage from the Fort McCoy event with be coming soon!

Upcoming events: Airsoft Immersion Tactical Sept 7, 2013 in NY, details here

Hello men, there are two battles going on in the coming months. First is the 6th Annual Pickerel, WI Event on February 22, 23. On the East Coast at the same time is Battle of The Hurtgen Forest, 2/23/13 Perth, NY. We have tentative marching orders for Pickerel. See you on the battlefront!

The Torgau 1945-The Counter Attack Movie is now up on youtube, click here. Pictures will be coming soon!

The pictures from "East meets West-Torgau 1945" are up here.
We are hosting an event June 2nd, for details click here.

We now have a Facebook Page! We are still adding content, basically anything you can already access on this website, you will be able to view on Facebook. Check it out!

Orders have been handed down, we move for the front lines 4-27-11 for East meets West-Torgau 1945. Details here

Ranger Training event! Tentative date June 2, 2012. If your a member it is important to sign on to the squads thread on the board and answer the poll question. This event is by invite only, if you wish to attend please email [email protected] We have secured a small 10 acre piece of land, heavily wooded and hilly. More details here

Pictures from the Battle of
Banska Bystrica Event are up.

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Disclaimer: 2ndrangersairsoft does not condone or wish to glorify extremist regimes of the period such as the Third Reich, USSR, Facist Italy, or Imperial Japan.

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